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Superior Skills, Promising Career-----ZUCC Nursing Angels Working in the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University

  There is such a group of angels in white working in the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University who race against time to rescue the patient’s life and lose all track of time trying to relieve patient’s pain and suffering. They are devoted to the job and they have no regrets. They are the 68 graduates graduated from Zhejiang University City College School of Medicine Department of Nursing. Among them 21 are clinical teachers, which is up to 31%; 21 are nurse-in-charge, accounting for 31%; 5 are specialist nurses (clinical nursing specialist), and 12 are graduated from and in Graduate School of Zhejiang University. ZUCC nursing students have successfully overcome the barriers of postgraduate entrance exams in hospital and teaching selection, and undertaken important positions in 29 departments such as the SICU, Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery, operating room and Department of Cardiology, including emergency first-aid specialist, rehabilitation nursing specialist, ICU nursing specialist, wound stoma incontinence care specialist.

  Recently, our reporter interviewed the three alumnae Weng Fengxia, Huang Bingjie and Yang Dan, presented by whom, the outstanding nursing personnel working in the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University in the recent ten years have become the golden cards of ZUCC nursing talent cultivation.



  Ms. Weng Fengxia, Nursing Team Leader of SICU

  Visiting Scholar in the Royal Free Hospital and Central and North West London

  Graduated from ZUCC in 2006, Weng Fengxia has 11 years of clinical experience. In these years, she started from an ordinary nursing undergraduate graduate and made outstanding achievements step by step - in 2013 she obtained the master’s degree in nursing of Zhejiang University, and now she is a research nurse and a ICU senior clinical nursing specialist in the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University; in 2015 she passed the further education examination and went to the UK for further study in August, 2016.

  ICU is the intensive care unit focusing on intensive observation, rescue, treatment and care for critical patients, which provides strong backing to the hospital in major surgeries and critical emergency. ICU receives critically ill patients with various life-threatening diseases or potential risks, and can benefit from it in the short term after ICU diagnosis and treatment, including patients suffering from respiratory failure, circulatory failure, multiple organ failure, poisoning or gone through a variety of major surgeries. The main work of ICU ward nurses is to care for the patients, assess the patient’s vital signs, and use advanced technologies to gradually improve doctor’s and nurse’s understanding of patient’s physiological functions.

  As a summary of the 11 years of work, Weng Fengxia said one of the most valuable to her was her mentors and friends. Those teachers influencing her are just like the friends who boosted her life course. Another is the positive energy. Once you have done a job that makes you happy for five times, the hormone in your body would be different.



    Ms. Huang Bingjie: Education Nurse and Specialist Nurse

  Huang Bingjie, graduated in 2009, now has 8 years of clinical work experience. During the study in ZUCC, she served as a class leader and the leader of school model team and won scholarship over the years with her outstanding performance. During her work in the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University, she was recognized by superior for her outstanding ability, and though she only had four years of clinical experience, she took the position of the education nurse which generally requires more than five years of clinical experience. After becoming an education nurse, she was again selected as a member of the hospital new nurse pre-service training faculty group for her great performance. With these two experiences and her nutritionist qualification, Huang Bingjie stood out in the hospital rehabilitation specialist nurse selection and finally passed the Zhejiang Specialist Nurses Training Expert Assessment and was honored as a rehabilitation specialist nurse.

  At the time of graduation, she had gone through the low point of work. Her operation skill was a concern because she was not good at injections. And she once lost confidence in nursing. It was the department teacher’s encouragement and comfort that helped her to pull through. “The directions for clinical nurses are not limited to the management. You can be promoted to be the head nurse, or a clinical teacher, and an education nurse. And it can also be technical direction, to be a specialist nurse in a certain area and a clinical nurse specialist. You can even consider the direction of science research, such as the evidence-based nurses and so on.” She advises that we should learn English well in school, pay attention to scientific researches and grasp the various opportunities in life. Today, she is studying a master’s degree in nursing of Zhejiang University. She said that her achievement today cannot be separated from the help of the teachers around her who pushed her forward. And behind each of the results, her own effort does count.


  Arrive at the hospital at 7:30 in the morning, give the patients basic nursing, and then take the shift, patrol the ward, assess and observe the patients’ conditions, make a record, and then give the injections and distribute the drugs… These are the scenes of Huang Bingjie’s work in cadre’s wards and geriatric section. Meanwhile, the Nursing Department has also appointed her to the clinical department to guide the clinical nurses for rehabilitation skill training. She described a day’s work, very full, she said, different from the nurses in popular belief, this is not just simple injection and drug distribution.


  ICU nurses are not only required to operate the instruments and give proper nursing for patients; but also to continue to absorb new knowledge and accumulate experience for constant progress. And these years of clinical experience has changed the values of Weng Fengxia. In spite of the busy work, she did not give up scientific researches. So far she has published more than 10 papers, including the 6 research papers in core journals; hosted one project of Health and Family Planning Commission of Zhejiang Province, one project of Zhejiang University and participated in 5 research projects. After returning from education abroad, Weng Fengxia further made clear her development direction – to be a specialist nurse, and a domain expert in a certain field.


  Ms. Yang Dan, Holding the Ground of Nursing 

  Working into her office, Yang Dan began to answer a variety of phone calls without rest. It is so busy for her to take the two jobs. After five years of clinical work, she began to seek new directions but did not leave her favorite field of nursing. After finishing master’s degree in nursing of Zhejiang University in 2016, she was chosen to participate in relevant work in Zhejiang Nursing Association.

  The Nursing and Rehabilitation magazine and Zhejiang Nursing website run by Zhejiang Nursing Association provide academic exchange platform for all nursing scientific and technical worker in Zhejiang. And the work in Zhejiang Medical Quality Control and Evaluation office demands her overall planning ability. Working in such environment, she was in constant contact with scholars and masters in the medical and nursing sectors. And her colleagues and leaders all spoke highly of her enthusiasm, earnest and competence.

  To create fine talent and outstanding talent has always been the talent training pursuit of Zhejiang University City College. Focuses of talent training programs are different in each stage: solid foundation of knowledge is the key in freshman and sophomore period; in the junior period, expanding the thinking education and cultivating the comprehensive qualities is of great importance; in the senior year, we should focus on social competitiveness and employment education. Deputy Dean of Department of Nursing Bao Jiaming said that professional knowledge and skill training are the foundation and training of the comprehensive qualities is the core, which should be strengthened through the international nursing, human society, magnetic nursing, thinking judgment and so on. The highest requirement for nursing students is the cultivation of innovative ability and to have social competitiveness, which should be improved through scientific researches, domestic and foreign academic conferences and so on.








  The Department of Nursing in ZUCC has trained 10 classes of graduates since the enrollment in 2002. With the passing rate of Chinese License Examination for Nurses being 100% and the average score nearly 30 points higher than the national cutoff mark, its graduates are always favored by the employers, and the employment rate reaches 100%. According to the data of the previous five years, about 86% of the graduates are working in the six affiliated hospitals of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and other First Class hospitals, and some graduates went on to pursue domestic graduate studies of nursing, psychology, health management and so on. Moreover, among the graduates working in provincial First Class hospitals, 30% have become clinical teachers, 7% have become clinical nurse specialists, and 20% have pursued master’s degree in Zhejiang University.

  In 2015, Zhejiang University City College and Zhejiang University School of Medicine jointly set up a nursing school to work together to build the Zhejiang University nursing education system, jointly train nursing personnel and develop and improve the training program. On the basis of relying on Zhejiang University, ZUCC continues to adhere to the strategy of “differentiated competition and characteristic development” and further strengthens the training of clinical nursing personnel in line with the development of Hangzhou medicine and health services.



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