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New Zealand UW College Held Mental Health Conversation Skill Training Salon


  Physical and mental health is the basis for the growth of college students. The body relies on good medicine to conquer diseases, and the psychological illness is largely cured by “good words”. Just as effective medicines are prescribed by good doctors, good words also need to be conveyed by mentors slowly and gently.
  In order to improve the ability and skills of the first-line staff in UW College to deal with college students’ mental health problems, UW College invited Professor Li Juan from Zhejiang University Mental Health Education and Consultation Center to deliver a lecture on the theme of “Discovery Mechanism of College Students’ Psychological Problems and Conversation Skills” on the afternoon of November 23. UW College counselors and teachers participated in the salon; Executive Deputy Dean of UW College He Min attended the salon as well.
  Based on her teaching and consulting experience in Zhejiang University, Li Juan explained and introduced mental health and mental illness, psychological counseling skills and assistance, the identification of and response to psychological crisis, and conducted simulated training combined with related cases. Finally, Ms. Li also proposed relevant advice on psychological counseling for the counselors and teachers present: grasp the relevant knowledge; self-care; continue to promote self-growth.



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