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Positive Energy, Role Model-- Jiang Yating Helped Injured Elderly in the Rain


  At about 10:00 am on November 23, 2018, two old men came to the Student Affairs Office of School of Media & Humanities to deliver a thank-you letter to Jiang Yating (Class 1702, Advertisement dept.,School of Media & Humanities).
  On the evening of November 18, the two old men’s mother, aged 93 years old, accidentally fell on Huzhou Street and broke her arms, whose face was full of blood. At the moment, Jiang Yating happened to pass by. Seeing that, she immediately helped the elderly. Regardless of the blood that stained her clothes, she escorted the elderly to her home in Gongbei District in the rain. Today, the two sons of the elderly came to thank Jiang Yating in person. They also thanked ZUCC for educating and nurturing such  an excellent student.

  Confronted with an aged who fell down in front you, will you help? Jiang Yating’s action shows that “help or not” is not a question, but the instinct of human beings. A good role model of positive energy is around us. Students are expected to learn from Jiang Yating, help others, and become good youth with a sense of social responsibility and justice. Thumbs up for Jiang Yating!


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