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Two Gold Medals in ACM Asian Region and Only Full Marks in PAT throughout Country, An Interview with Yang Jiacheng, Student of 2015, Computer Department of ZUCC



  Yang Jiacheng, a student of 2015 of Computer Department, ZUCC, is the main member of gold team in the 42nd ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Asia Xi’an Regional Contest and Nanning Regional Contest, the only top one who got full marks in PAT throughout the country. He has won the academic scholarships, merit student, provincial government scholarship and other honors several times and has won the first-class scholarship in innovation and entrepreneurship for two consecutive years. In addition, he won the championship in 2016-2017 Zhejiang University Programming Contest, the gold medal in Provincial Programming Contest; he participated in China Collegiate Programming Contest twice in three years and won a gold medal and a silver medal; he reached both ACM/ICPC China Final and the finals of China Collegiate Programming Contest three times with two silver medals and a copper medal respectively. As a result of his excellent performance in PAT, Yang Jiacheng has received an opportunity of Google that the goal of being an excellent algorithmic engineer is already beckoning to him. (Google promises to give the excellent competitors the right to enter the interview without a written test)


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