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Excellent! A Good-looking, Highly-educated and Young Scholar Still on Way of Pursuing Knowledge,An Interview with Xie Yicheng, Alumnus of 2008, Pharmacy Department



  Xie Yicheng, the graduate of 2008 of Pharmacy Department, held a master’s degree in science from University of Missouri, Columbia in 2011 and continued post-doctoral research in neuroscience after receiving a doctorate in neuroscience at University of British Columbia, Canada in 2015. In 2018, he returned to China to be an associate research fellow in the Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University of Medicine. He has been awarded the postdoctoral fellowship of Canadian Institute of Health, the postdoctoral fellowship of Canadian  Neurodevelopmental Association, the national scholarship for outstanding self-funded students, the Canadian Vanier scholarship and so on. In addition, he has published 19 SCI papers, including eight first-author papers, which have been published in Elife, Brain, Journal of Neuroscience, JCBFM and other high-level journals. He is devoting himself to studying molecules and neuronal circuit of neurodevelopmental disorders by using advanced imaging in vivo and transgenic rat models.

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