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Professor Bao Weimin Leads the Way! ZUCC Historical Research Center Established

With a long history and a splendid culture, Hangzhou is looking forward to a dialogue across time and space. On 22 October, ZUCC Historical Research Center was established. Mr. Bao Weimin, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education and President of the China Song History Research Association, was appointed as the Director of the Historical Research Center.

The history major and its discipline construction bears the mission of strengthening the country culturally, accelerating the construction of a disciplinary system, academic system and discourse system with Chinese characteristics and enhancing cultural confidence. The Research Center, with an emphasis on Chinese History and a core team led by Professor Bao Weimin, will continue to accumulate and develop special features in fields like Song History Studies, Urban History Studies, Local Literature and Local History Studies, in order to advance the construction of an undergraduate major in History and a master’s programme in Chinese History. Through the construction of three first-level disciplines of Chinese history, world history and archaeology, a well-distributed, clearly-positioned and powerful discipline of history will eventually be formed, adding to ZUCC’s construction of a top 100 university.

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