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The First National “Mobike Intelligent Parking Sites” Unveiled in ZUCC



  The sharing bicycles, which connect to the public transport hub, especially helpful for short-distance travel, have been one of the most popular new things in the last two years. They have a positive influence on relieving the traffic pressure and promoting green travel, however, with the sudden increase of sharing bicycle platforms, the soaring bicycles make the parking problem become increasingly prominent. The parking problem not only appears on urban roads, but also is common in the campus. As a result, the convenient way of travel has affected the normal passage of some campus roads to some extent. In order to improve the current situation and optimize the campus environment, ZUCC has cooperated with Mobike to set up “Mobike Intelligent Parking Sites” to promote teachers and students to park in an orderly manner. It is reported to be the first case in Zhejiang Province.

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