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They Deserve Today’s Headlines! A New Chapter in Transformation and Development ...[2018-09-18]
Welcome! Post-2000s Generation Enrolls in ZUCC[2018-09-18]
Teacher Wang Xinquan of School of Engineering Selected as “2018 Top Ten Young Sc...[2018-09-18]
All Sufferings Have Their Reward -- An Interview with Huang Shiyuan, Provincial ...[2018-06-25]
Pursuing Dream and Expecting Future -- An Interview with Hao Sijia, Excellence S...[2018-06-25]
Paper of Dr. Ye Zheng, a Young Teacher in School of Business, Included in SCI an...[2018-06-25]
Sincere Cooperation Brings Success -- An Interview with winning team of Zhejiang...[2018-06-25]
Delegation of Loma Linda University Visits ZUCC[2018-06-25]
Students of ZUCC Achieve Splendor in Zhejiang Star of Outlook English Talent Com...[2018-06-11]
Students of School of Foreign Languages Win Second Prize in 21st “FLTRP Cup” Nat...[2018-06-11]
President and CEO of American Institute of Management Accountants Visits ZUCC[2018-06-11]
Grateful for Senior Who Helps Us for a Long Voyage, An Interview with Donor of E...[2018-06-11]
Excellent! A Good-looking, Highly-educated and Young Scholar Still on Way of Pur...[2018-06-11]
From Master Returnee of Finance to “Pig Raising Expert”, An Interview with Bao J...[2018-06-04]
Singer Wang Cong Receives Offer of Famous University--Sing for ZUCC and Sing for...[2018-06-04]
Students of School of Media Studies & Humanities attend G20 Tea Expo Volunteer S...[2018-06-04]
Starbucks Settles in North Campus of ZUCC -- Hangzhou’s First Campus Starbucks S...[2018-06-04]
Flying to Make News丨Entering UAV Journalism Class of Prof. Bill Allen[2018-06-04]
2018 First “Senior High School-University: Forum of Foreign Language Teaching Re...[2018-05-28]
“A Discovery Journey of Hotel” for Students of Tourist Management Department--A ...[2018-05-28]
TEDxZUCC 2018 Conference “I”: from Self to Others and to World[2018-05-28]
Opening Ceremony and First Class of Teaching Week of University of Missouri, Ame...[2018-05-28]
Full of Sixpence on Ground, but only Moon in her Eyes--An Interview with Gao Yun...[2018-05-28]
Starting with “Andac” on Way of Pursuing Dream--An Interview with Former Preside...[2018-05-28]
Broaden International Vision and Improve Management Level--First Training of Int...[2018-05-21]
Students of School of Media Participate in Recording of Cultural Zhejiang-Great ...[2018-05-21]
Let World Hear Voice of China[2018-05-21]
Two Gold Medals in ACM Asian Region and Only Full Marks in PAT throughout Countr...[2018-05-21]
Be Faithful to Own Feeling in Way of Pursuing Dream--An Interview with Outstandi...[2018-05-21]
Same Splendidness in Different Cities, A Self-statement of Wang Jun, Alumnus of ...[2018-05-14]
A Female Architect with Stories: Return Architecture to Nature, An interview wit...[2018-05-14]
Prof. Wu Xiaobo’s Discussion on from Pursing to Surpassing in New Era[2018-05-14]
Paper of Dr. Yin Rui, School of Information & Electrical Engineering, rated as I...[2018-05-14]
School of Media Studies & Humanities Joins Hands with Mellon Tea Culture Communi...[2018-05-14]
Wu Jiali: from Nobody to Somebody, Receiving Offer of World’s Top Architectural ...[2018-05-07]
From France to Yoga, Voyage of Life Never Stops, An Interview with Shen Yuanhang...[2018-05-07]
Secretary of Party Committee, Zou Xiaodong, Makes a Special Trip to ZUCC and Zhe...[2018-05-07]
Delegation of School of Tourism, Hainan University, Visits New Zealand UW Colleg...[2018-05-07]
Prof. Leung Chun Fai of National University of Singapore Gives an Academic Lectu...[2018-05-07]
Third Phase of Intensive English Language Program for teachers, Organized by Cen...[2018-04-28]
Delegation of Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg-Schweinfurt Visi...[2018-04-28]
Grasping New Opportunity to Promote New Development in Nursing--Seminar on New P...[2018-04-28]
Teachers of Architecture Department attend International Conference on Green and...[2018-04-23]
Students of School of Artistic Design & Creation Awarded IF “Design Talent Award...[2018-04-23]
Teacher Dai Youshan of School of Information & Electrical Engineering Publishes ...[2018-04-16]
Mr. Nelson, Representative of University of South Australia, Talks over 3+1+1 Po...[2018-04-16]
2017 Master’s Team of Department of Architecture Wins First Prize in Internation...[2018-04-09]
Approaching World’s Top School of Business--Meeting with Oxford Brookes Universi...[2018-04-09]
Achievement Exhibition of “Hundreds of Handicrafts along Canal” Showed in “Inher...[2018-03-26]
A New Round of Demonstrating Meeting for Nursing Talents Training Program Held i...[2018-03-26]
ZUCC Holds a Symposium to See Volunteer in Xinjiang off[2018-03-19]
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