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ZUCC Held the Tenth Faculty Table Tennis Match[2017-06-06]
School of Computer & Computing Science Experimental Center Protects against Wann...[2017-06-06]
The University of Waikato Joint Institute at Zhejiang University City College wa...[2017-06-06]
The 2017 First Council Meeting of Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou Held in ZUCC[2017-05-23]
President of Loma Linda University and His Delegation Visited ZUCC[2017-05-23]
Professor Su Dekuang Offered ZUCC Outstanding Teacher Chair Professor[2017-05-16]
Professor Zou Yimin Offered ZUCC “Double Hired Expert”[2017-05-16]
Counselors and the Delegation of the New Zealand Embassy in China Visited[2017-05-09]
The College Accepted the Tour Diagnostic Inspection of College Teaching Organize...[2017-05-09]
Superior Skills, Promising Career-----ZUCC Nursing Angels Working in the First A...[2017-05-03]
College Teacher Jiang Jiqing Elected Standing Committee Member of the 11th Hangz...[2017-04-25]
Li You’s Muxin Umbrella Won Red Dot Award, the Oscar for the Design[2017-04-25]
Signing and Opening Ceremony for “Comprehensive Reform Project of the Ministry o...[2017-04-18]
Zhang Yanfeng, an Undergraduate Student of the Law School Won the Best Paper for...[2017-04-18]
Student from School of Media Studies and Humanities Won Gold Award of Advertisin...[2017-04-11]
Intensive English Language Program for Teachers Officially Launched[2017-04-11]
“Trinity” Diversified Recruitment Promoting Diversified Development of Students[2017-04-11]
2016-2017 Second Semester Propaganda and Ideological Work Conference Held[2017-03-28]
The President and His Delegation of Brandenburg University of Technology Visited[2017-03-28]
Associate Vice Chancellor of University of Nebraska Lincoln Visited[2017-03-28]
The Opening Ceremony of Information and Electrical Engineering Branch Postgradua...[2017-03-21]
The Eighth Suzhou International Half Marathon around Jinji Lake fired shots[2017-03-21]
The College Held a Series of ‘Wonderful Charm-blooming March’Women's Day Activit...[2017-03-21]
Investigation and Survey by Zhangyan, the District Executive of Gongshu District[2017-03-10]
Year 2016-2017 Second Semester Working Conference[2017-03-10]
Pass-World Delegation Visited ZUCC[2017-03-10]
Our Tennis Team Wins the Team Champion in the Fifth Hangzhou Municipal College S...[2016-12-15]
City College Accepts the Donation of over 4000 Collections of Books from Mr. Tao...[2016-12-15]
The College and Hangzhou Creativity Design Center Establish the Production-Study...[2016-12-06]
Thanksgiving with Small Token[2016-12-06]
Our Tennis Team Wins the Team Champion in the Fifth Hangzhou Municipal College S...[2016-12-06]
City College Accepts the Donation of over 4000 Collections of Books from Mr. Tao...[2016-12-06]
2016 International Cultural Festival of Zhejiang University City College Kicks O...[2016-11-28]
The 2016 University Student Art Festival in Zhejiang Came to a Successful End, C...[2016-11-20]
2016 Hangzhou Marathon, Run through the Sceneries and Pass by You[2016-11-20]
Today, Salute the Long March![2016-11-09]
The 15th Sports Meeting of Zhejiang University City College Concludes Successful...[2016-11-09]
Graduates of 2006 Session Held the School Return Activity[2016-11-01]
G20 Hangzhou Summit Culture-themed Exhibition Undertaken by the College Opened G...[2016-11-01]
Thoughts on Several Relationships in the University[2016-10-22]
Zhejiang University City College Selected as One of the First Batch of Digital C...[2016-10-22]
Member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Propaganda Min...[2016-10-22]
Union College of Zhejiang University City College-University of Waikato Approved...[2016-10-14]
Farewell Party for “Overpass” Students Enrolled in 2015[2016-10-14]
Zhejiang Polytechnic Institute (Polytechnic Institute of Zhejiang University)Unv...[2016-09-28]
Fist set a small goal-to become the best freshman of ZUCC[2016-09-28]
Start your stories in the college, compose your chapter of life and build a bett...[2016-09-28]
Shulan Hospital became the teaching hospital of ZUCC School of Medicine[2016-06-24]
Principal of University of Nebraska-Lincoln and His Group Visited Zhejiang Unive...[2016-06-24]
China: Business and Cultural Tour – Delegation of Students from American UNL Exc...[2016-05-18]
Professor Zeng Linghui Was Awarded the Title of Model Worker of Hangzhou[2016-05-04]
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